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Welcome to the TOMLAB /XA User's Guide. TOMLAB /XA includes the XA solver suite from Sunset Software Technology and an interface to The MathWorks' MATLAB.

TOMLAB /XA is a solver package providing the user with functionality for solving linear, binary, integer and semi-continuous linear programming problems, as well as quadratic programming problems.

Contents of this Manual

  • Section [#intro 1] provides a basic overview of the TOMLAB /XA solver package.
  • Section provides an overview of the Matlab interface to XA.
  • Section describes how to set XA solver options from Matlab.
  • Section gives detailed information about the interface routines xa and xaTL. The solver control options, branch and bound settings, as well as solver and model status codes are also explained in this section.

More information

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In this manual we assume that the user is familiar with linear, mixed-integer and quadratic programming, setting up problems in TOMLAB (in particular mixed-integer (mip) problems) and the Matlab language in general.