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The testprob collection


Each of the sections in this part will demonstrate a problem class. Most sections also have a small example in Matlab code with a formal mathematical problem description.

The functions probInit and tomrun respectively initializes and solves the problems in Matlab. For example:

Prob = probInit('gp_prob',1);


The modellib collection


The bundle modellib is a collection of linear and mixed-integer programming problems. For each problem there are two m-files. One that formulate and define the problem with words and tables, and a second that interpret the tables into the standard TOMLAB prob format and solves it. In order to interpret the results a large amount of text is displayed explaining the x_k vector.

The problems in modellib are originally from a translation by Hickpe of the text "Programmation linare" by Gueret, Prins and Seveaux with the english title "Applications of optimization...".


Additional downloads: lp prob, milp prob and qp prob

At the TOMLAB downloads page three zip files with more problems can be found. Many of these are quite large and may be good as test cases for benchmarking. A package of about 250 MB with mixed LP/MILP are also available from your TOMLAB representative.