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This page is part of TOMLAB Models. See TOMLAB Models.

Download and extract to a folder, for example tomlab/testprob2/qp_prob.

The folder will then contain about 130 test problems, of which one is liswet1.qps. To solve this problem with TOMLAB enter the following in Matlab:

[F, c, A, b_L, b_U, x_L, x_U] = cpx2mat('liswet1.qps',0);
Prob = qpAssign(F, c, A, b_L, b_U, x_L, x_U, [], 'Additional qp-problem: liswet1.qps');
Result = tomRun('cplex', Prob, 1);

The problems in this zip-file have up to some 20000 variables and about 12000 constraints.

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