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This page is part of the GUROBI Manual. See GUROBI.

The two main routines in the two-layer design of the interface are shown in #Table: The interface routines.. Page and section references are given to detailed descriptions on how to use the routines. Users not using the TOMLAB Prob format can skip reading about the routine gurobiTL. A more advanced user, only has to read about how to call the level 1 interface routine gurobi.m.

Table: The interface routines.

gurobiThe layer one Matlab interface routine, calls the MEX-file interface grbmex.dll
gurobiTLThe layer two TOMLAB interface routine that calls gurobi.m. Con- verts the input P rob format before calling gurobi.m and converts back to the output Result structure.

The GUROBI control parameters (GUROBI Appendix C in this manual), are all possible to set from Matlab.

They could be set as input to the interface routine gurobi. The user sets fields in a structure called grbControl, where the subfield names are the same as the names of the control variables (not case-sensitive). The following example shows how to set the values for one integer variable ITERLIM, one double variable INTFEASTOL, and one character variable valued variable WRITEPARAMS.

grbControl.ITERATIONLIMIT = 50;          % Setting maximal number of simplex iterations
grbControl.INTFEASTOL     = 1E-5;        % Integer feasibility tolerance
grbControl.WRITEPARAMS    = 'myPar.txt'; % File name for parameter write
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