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Below is a list of functions that are overloaded for tomSym. That is: these functions accept symbolic input and then return symbolic expressions whose derivatives can be computed symbolically.

Most of these are standard Matlab functions, but some are special functions that are mostly used internally by tomSym for efficiency reasons.

>> methods tomSym

Methods for class tomSym:

Contents                    getdiag                     ppnval                      
DiracDelta                  gt                          ppval                       
DiracDeltas                 holdInterpolationMatrix     prod                        
MI                          horzcat                     prodJ1                      
abs                         hownonlinear                prodJ1J1                    
acos                        ifThenElse                  proptInterpolationMatrix    
acosh                       imag                        proptInterpolationMatrixJ2  
acot                        interp1                     psi                         
acoth                       interp1h                    quad                        
acsc                        interp1l                    rdivide                     
acsch                       interp1p                    real                        
angle                       interp1pDot                 rem                         
asec                        interp1s                    repmat                      
asech                       interp1sDot                 reshape                     
asin                        interp2                     rewriteV                    
asinh                       interpn                     round                       
atPoints                    inv                         scalecolumns                
atan                        isdependent                 scalerows                   
atan2                       isdvar                      sec                         
atanh                       isempty                     setSymmetric                
bincont2lin                 isequal                     setdiag                     
bsxfun                      isfinite                    sigmoid                     
cat                         isinf                       sign                        
ceil                        isint                       sin                         
char                        isnan                       sinh                        
complementary               isreal                      size                        
conj                        istomsymbol                 smplus                      
constpart                   kkt1                        smtimes                     
cos                         kron                        sort                        
cosh                        ldivide                     sortidx                     
cot                         le                          sos1                        
csc                         length                      sos2                        
ctranspose                  linearInterpolationMatrix   sparse                      
cumsum                      linspace                    spdiags                     
dblquad                     log                         spower                      
derivative                  log10                       spy                         
derivatives                 log2                        sqrt                        
det                         logm                        sub2ind                     
diag                        lookup                      submatrix                   
diff                        lt                          subsasgn                    
disp                        mat2str                     subsindex                   
display                     max                         subsref                     
docollocate                 maxIndicator                subststruct                 
dot                         mcode                       subsymb                     
double                      mcodestr                    sum                         
end                         min                         sym                         
eps                         minus                       sym2eig                     
eq                          mldivide                    sym2prob                    
erf                         mod                         symbols                     
erfc                        monofun                     tan                         
erfcinv                     monoinv                     tanh                        
erfinv                      mpower                      times                       
estpattern                  mrdivide                    tomCmp                      
eval                        mtimes                      tomCmpO                     
exp                         nOperands                   tomSym                      
extractConstraints          next                        tomUnGlobalize              
eye                         nlsvec                      tomnumeric                  
ezplot                      nnz                         tomreplacement              
feval                       norm                        trace                       
fix                         not                         transpose                   
fliplr                      num2str                     tril                        
flipud                      numel                       triu                        
floor                       operand                     uminus                      
full                        operands                    uplus                       
fzero                       operator                    vec                         
gamma                       pattern                     vertcat                     
gammainc                    plus                        wrap                        
gammaln                     positiveSemidefinite        wrapJ                       
ge                          power                        

In addition to the functions on this list, there are many functions that are supported because they consist entirely of other functions that are supported. For example, it is possible that functions which you have written yourself already work with tomSym. The easiest way to find out if a function is supported is to try to use it. If you don't get an error message, then it works!

We constantly add new functions to TOMSYM. If there's a function that you think would be useful, let us know and we might include it in a future TOMLAB release.