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This page is part of the CPLEX Manual. See CPLEX.


CPLEX Matlab Level 1 interface Knapsack test routine

Calling Syntax

cpxKnaps(P, Cut)

Description of Input

Input Description
P Problem number 1-3. Default 1.
Cut Cut strategy. 0 = no cuts, 1 = cuts, 2 = aggressive cuts. Default 0.

Global Parameters Used

Parameter Description
MAX_x Maximal number of x elements printed in output statements. Default 20.
MAX_c Maximal number of constraint elements printed in output statements. Default 20.


The CPLEX Matlab level 1 interface knapsack test routine runs three different test problems. It is possible to change cut strategy and use heuristics defined in callbacks.

Currently defined knapsack problems:

Problem Name Knapsacks Variables
1 Weingartner 1 2 28
2 Hansen, Plateau 1 4 28
3 PB 4 2 29

M-files Used