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This page is part of the CPLEX Manual. See CPLEX.


cpx2mat reads an (X)MPS file and more. The file is converted to matrices and vectors made available in MATLAB. MPS and extended MPS for LP, MILP, QP and MIQP are the supported file types, however it is possible to supply a wide range of file types.

Calling Syntax

[F, c, A, b_L, b_U, x_L, x_U, IntVars] = cpx2mat(Name,PriLev);

Description of Input

Input Description
Name Name of the MPS file with extension. cpx2mat can recognize many different file extensions, e.g.: .mps, .lp, .mat, .qps.
PriLev Print level of cpx2mat. Set to 0 to have it silent, 1 to print warnings, and 2 to print debug information.

Description of Output

Output Description
F The quadratic term matrix. Empty for non-QP problems.
c The linear term vector.
A The constraint matrix.
b_L The lower bounds of the constraints.
b_U The upper bounds of the constraints.
x_L The lower box bounds of x.
x_U The upper box bounds of x.
IntVars Logical vector describing what variables that are integer or binary variables. Empty if the problem is not a mixed integer problem.